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Mackerel Trolling Boards 18cm V2-trollboard

Mackerel Trolling Boards 18cm V2-trollboard

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Paravaning for all Mackerel species is the best way to catch them.

Pro fishermen have been using paravanes for decades now and it is by far the most effective way to catch Mackerel in large numbers.

We have these trolling boards in 3 sizes so you can have all depths covered.

Generally the deeper you fish the more Mackerel you will catch but the smaller size trolling board is perfect for trolling over rocky reefs and shallower areas like in Moreton Bay.

Trolling boards are also great on many other species like Wahoo, Tuna, Kingfish and Snapper ect.

For the freshwater fishermen, these work amazing on species like Trout where you need to fish deeper during the warmer months.

When using these trolling boards, you must attach both your main line on the front of the board and the trace to your lure on the back of the board with a loop knot.

Never tie your knots tight to the board as this can prevent them from swimming properly. 

You will need around 7m of trace off the back of the board  with a good quality swivel between the board and lure to prevent any line twist.

To achieve the best depths, troll your boards approximately 30m behind the boat. The more line you let out, the deeper the boards will dive. 

Mackeral spoons are best used on these trolling boards as well as other lures like shallow running lures, soft plastics, baits and flies.


Size 7 - Dives to 6m

Size 8 - Dives to 8m $1

Size 9 - Dives to 10m $2