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Seat Relaxn Seafarer Pilot Black Seat Only

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The Relaxn Seafarer Seat is stylish with a sleek profile. Each Relaxn Seafarer Seat uses plush high-density foam cushions covered in premium grade vinyl. The high backrest, headrest, foot rest and armrests are all adjustable, giving complete customisation. Ergonomically designed to provide optimal posture, with lateral and lumbar support reducing fatigue and improving comfort.
The suspension system absorbs wave impact and allows the seat to move with the occupant increasing stability and safety.
Starting at the base, the aluminium pedestal assembly is height adjustable with a full-length foldable footrest and commercial slide and swivel with 360° rotation.
Each Relaxn Seafarer Seat is built to the toughest marine standards, using weather, water and corrosion-resistant material. Available in Black Carbon or custom options.

• Plush high-density foam padding providing ultimate comfort.
• Premium quality UV stabilised upholstery developed for the harsh marine environment.
• Adjustable backrest, headrest, seat rest and armrests.
• High back and contoured sides offer excellent support and comfort.
• Full-length foldable footrest integrated into the seat base.
• Height adjustable Air Ride Pedestal.
• Robust reinforced frame.
Colour: Black Carbon
Seat Adjustable Backrest: -
Seat Adjustable Height: -
Pedestal Adjustable Height: -
Pedestal Suspension: -
Foot Rest Adjustable Angle: -
Note: Limited stock kept on hand, allow up to 4 months turnaround time. Email reeltackle@live.com for stock availability.