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Double Hal-Lock Outrigger Pulley & Shock Cord V2-hal_lock2

Double Hal-Lock Outrigger Pulley & Shock Cord V2-hal_lock2

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If you are tired of your outrigger lines doing the "creep" while trolling the HAL-LOCK eliminates this problem.

By replacing your glass ring or pulley system with the HAL-LOCK a simple flip of a lever locks the outrigger line in place so your lure stays where you want it.

Available in 12" lengths and single, double and triple line configurations the HAL-LOCK is a simple alternative to longline clips, rubber bands and every other method that has been used to stop your outrigger line from moving.

The double and triple HAL-LOCKS allow for stacking lines onto your outriggers using one just the one pulley system.

The single HAL-LOCK is also perfect for center/shotgun riggers. 

HAL-LOCKS sold individually. 

Hal-Lock Outrigger Pulley